Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Past Meets the Present

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful lady named Lila come into my studio for a sitting to surprise her children with some portraits. Having looked through my sample book, she saw a picture of an elderly woman masked together with an old photo taken of her in the 1940's. Lila asked if I would be able to do the same for her. I did with a few of the older photos she brought and after seeing them, she was very happy with the results. My plans are from here on that I will be posting one or two of the best from each sitting I do providing I have permission from my customers to do so. Thanks again Lila. Your warm heart and kindness is an inspiration to all photographers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Eagles have Landed

I took my girls out to find an eagles nest which was reportedly only a few miles from my home. I followed a gravel road near the river and while coming around a bend in the road, my daughter yelled out that she could see the nest. Sure enough sitting approximately 50 feet off the ground was a large nest. We stopped and I could see that there was indeed a bald eagle perched on the edge of the nest. I set my camera and began taking shots. I felt I still was not close enough and got out and walked across a small field to the edge of a wooded area. Again I took more shots and then realized that there were 2 eagles. Having my 300mm. telephoto lens at max I still felt that I was not close enough but getting any closer would have put me in the thick of the brush and I would not have gotten a clear shot. I plan on going their more often in the near future and hopefully get some good shots of them in flight closer to where I'm shooting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Free Kid's Special Event

Sat May 2nd 1-3pm Kid's Special Event-FREEEE
Have your child come in and make something SPECIAL for MOM or Grandma for Mother's Day! You can bring in your child any time between 1 and 3pm. We have something really cute for them to create and Picture's Delight Photography by Michael J will be taking a picture of your child to help create this special gift.
Children will also get to wrap their gift and create a gift card so there will be no peeking.
(one per child please and children under 9 must be a accompanied with an adult)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New lighting experiments

Tammy brought our daughters Macayla and Mckenzie in for some spring portraits. I decided this would be a good time to try some new lighting techniques I've been reading up on. I must say it did not take long to get the lighting just how I wanted it. I will now be using it more in my sittings in the future.