Friday, September 25, 2009

Allergic to Penicillin

Thursday night I was laying on the couch. I had been fighting a head cold for a few days when Tammy brought me in a bottle of meds ( Augmentin) I had from a prescription two months prior for my ears. Little did I know that this drug was to be taken with prednisone to counteract the penicillin but I took one and after 15 minutes I began showing signs of a very bad reaction to this drug. I began itching on my hands. Then it spread to my legs, arms, neck and all over. Within a few minutes my body was covered lumps and my body turned beat red and sweating uncontrollably. Tammy called 911 and they were there within minutes. I began loosing consciousness and at times was unresponsive. Very scary to be laying on your bathroom floor wondering if this is going to be it for you. At times I thought I was and I never hope to experience that again. The next morning in the hospital they gave my a band for my wrist which states I am allergic to penicillin. In fact they are keeping me for a 24 hour observation just to make sure I would be alright. Its Friday night and I'm doing very well and can't wait to go home in the morning.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Tribute to 9/11

I came up with this idea sometime ago and with the eighth anniversary here, I wanted to share with everyone a little tribute of my own to all of those who were effected by the travesty of that fateful event which changed the lives of so many. The message is clear and fits well with the photo. God bless us all

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Studio Closing

It comes with great sadness that I will be closing down my studio October 10th. With the economy being the way it is and people watching their every penny, I am unable to continue with it and also pay the bills coming in to the shop. Tammy is also closing down her scrap booking part of the store as well.

However we are not completely gone from sight. Tammy will be selling her products online and holding scrap events quarterly at a nearby establishment and I will still do my photography on location at customers homes or local areas of interest. In time we are hoping the economy will turn around and we can once again open a new bigger store in another location in the area.

I want to personally thank all the wonderful people I have met while here and how grateful I am for allowing me to give them memories that will last a life time in their photos.