Sunday, February 22, 2009


For quite some time I have asked people to come into my studio for some portraits of their pets.

This last Wednesday a friend of ours came into the studio to have pictures taken of her daughter and her three Yorkie puppies. I was thrilled at the opportunity and asked if I could take some of the puppies alone as well as with her daughter.

Here you see the puppies I took. They were so good and sat still through the whole sitting.
I will be setting up a pet photo contest soon. What it will consist of is a half hour sitting with their pet or pets and or the owners if they choose. Everyone that comes in will get three 4x6 proofs and be entered in the contest. They will then be posted in the studio for all customers to vote on for their favorite photo. The winner will receive a matted 8x10 framed print of their pet and will also be posted on my blog for all to see.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Published Work

You are my sister, this I know
With each passing day we watch each other grow.
At times we may argue or we may fight
But being sisters, I guess makes it alright.
You are my sister and I your friend
We shall be sisters to the very end.

Hello again,

Its been several months since I last posted. I really need to keep my blog updated but there never seems to be enough time.

In early January I received a magazine called "Lifes Images." It's a magazine published by Stampington. The picture that I submitted of my two daughters had been chosen for publication. The title of it was "Sisters" and I had also written a short poem to go along with it. I never got the chance to open it before my wife grabbed it from my hands out of excitement to see our daughters photo in a national magazine! It really does make me feel wonderful and only pushes me that much more to have my work available for all to see and to maybe catch the eyes of a Publicist.

I recently showed my photos to the Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce. I had been informed by co-workers that they were looking for photos of nature that had been taken around the surrounding area. After seeing some of my wildlife photos they asked if I would be interested in doing some work for a calender which would be posted at various way side rests in Minnesota. Needless to say I was very excited to hear that they liked what they saw. I'm currently waiting to here back from them.

Well I should go for now. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will return soon.