Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids Against Hunger

There was an event held today at the Municipal Center here in town. "Kids Against Hunger" is an organization which helps feed starving children throughout the world. Our elementary school had all the students from grades K thru 5 come in and help fill packets with rice, soybeans, dried vegetables and flavoring. There was enough food in each pouch to support six meals. Both of our children who are students at the school, attended the event along with my wife and I.

The food is to be shipped out to the children of Haiti. In the few hours we were there, the students were able to fill nineteen boxes. Each box was able to deliver 216 meals with a total of 4104 meals ready to deliver in only a short time.

It gives you a good feeling knowing in some way how you were able to play some part in making those children a little happier. But what touches me most is that here we have children helping children which is something that we as adults can learn from.

There is so much pain and suffering in this world and you needn't go far to see that. Right here within our own borders, people are struggling trying to keep a roof over their families heads. I only hope that within my life time, if not my children's, that the nations of the world can unite and see the real problems that are all around us rather then obsess over money, power and greed. Man only uses ten percent of their brain in a life time, but if we look inside ourselves we can see that we are able to use one hundred percent of our hearts if we learn to to all just get along and help one another.

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