Friday, September 19, 2008

BLUEJAY vs. SQUIRREL a peanut war

Several months ago, my wife and I noticed two blue jays coming to our feeder helping themselves to the peanuts we had set out for them. They would fly in, snatch up a nut and fly out just as fast as they came in. We wondered how they could crack the nuts open so fast and come back for more. We watched as they flew off to a tree line next to our home and realized they were stashing the nuts on the ground. Little did they know that something else took an interest in what they were doing. Two squirrels waited in the shadows for the Blue jays to fly off and ran in to steal the nuts only to hide them a few feet away. After about twenty minutes of this activity going on, the Blue Jays caught on to what was going on. One would remain sat above a branch to guard their catch while the other fetched more. Not wanting to be out done, the squirrels would work together to fool the Blue jay that lay above them. One would dart in to distract the Blue Jay while the other grabbed what he could and ran with his prize. In the end the Blue jays gave up and took the rest of the peanuts from our feeder to somewhere else. We laughed at this so much that I thought it would make a nice story to tell. Take care and thanks for visiting my blog. Mike

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