Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Wife and Daughters

My wife Tammy holding one of our grandchildren Jali, Daughter of Rani, Tammy's oldest and also my stepdaughter. Tammy and I have opened our own store in Albert Lea, MN. She sells scrap booking and card making supplies and I have my portrait studio. It started off slow like so many businesses do when first starting out, but we have had a great customer feedback on both of our businesses thus far. Tammy has a great talent for being well organized both at home and with her portion of the store. Her friends got her into scrap booking several months ago, and when the opportunity to open a shop came up suddenly, we both decided to give it a go. I'm glad we did cause there is a good sense knowing you can be your own boss and make allot of new friends in the process.

My oldest daughter Macayla has a natural talent for drawing. Not a day goes by that she doesn't have a pencil, marker or crayon in hand designing her next masterpiece. She started her first year of school (kindergarten) a few weeks ago and has had the time of her life. I think her favorite part is being able to ride the bus back and forth each day. She likes it when she has homework to do from time to time. I think in time that may change if she is anything like her dad (lol).

My youngest daughter Mckenzie is our little peanut. She is small for her age but full of energy. She enjoys playing dress up and mothering her dolls. She is very content when playing with her dolls. At times I will listen in on her conversations she has with them and its cute at what she has to say. She likes to cuddle up with me at times to watch cartoons or ride on my shoulders for a piggy back ride around the house.

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