Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand laughs

I'm sure we have all been there at least once in our lives. You go in to have your pictures taken hoping to capture that one image to display proudly on the mantle for all to enjoy. You do your best to give that certain pose or drop dead smile that makes people say "WOW."

Unfortunately there are those times when it seems that things never go right and you dread the idea of seeing your portraits. Either your eyes squint or your having a bad hair day. Perhaps you've come to the studio not realizing your infant son or daughter has given you some of their baby formula to wear from a prior feeding.

What ever the case, I have a friend who came into the studio to have portraits taken with his son. He said from the beginning how much he hated having his picture taken cause he could never smile right. It started out great, and my flash could hardly keep up to the wonderful expressions I was getting from their son. Then came Judd's turn with his son. I shot through my lens telling Judd to keep looking at me with a smile while trying to keep his sons attention on me. After the sitting was done I asked everyone to gather around my computer to view their pictures prior to the enhancements which I would do later.

It started out great and we saw so many wonderful shots of their son Dane. But when it came to a few shots taken with Judd and Dane the house came crashing down with uncontrollable laughter. I realize I am suppose to be a professional and keep my emotions in check but when I saw that I could not keep it in, especially when everyone else was busting a gut.

Well when things finally calmed down and we finished wiping the tears from or eyes I asked Judd who was being a very good sport about the whole thing, if I could post his photos on my blog so that everyone could see them and hopefully get a good laugh themselves. He agreed and I have also cropped his son out of these photos as to protect the innocent.

I want to personally thank Judd and his family for taking time out to come into my studio and allow me the privilege to take their portraits.

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jennyhendrickson said...

OMG, I would take this off of here you don't want your business to get a bad rep! HAHAHAH.