Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th Of July Weekend Getaway

On Friday we all attended the Albert Lea parade and got home fairly late so Tammy and I decided we would get up early the next morning to pack up for our trip to Flandrau state park by New Ulm. We had expected the kids to come into our bedroom early demanding their chocolate milk or jump all over me as they usually do, but on this morning we were not bothered and took advantage of the situation and slept in. Tammy had hoped to be packed and get over to New Ulm and visit some of the historical sites before our 4pm. check-in time at the park but plans always seem to change.

We arrived about 2:30 that afternoon and did manage to drive around a bit to see some of the interesting things in town. Some areas we would like to see in the near future like one of the parks which had a fountain with a statue of a fairy on it.

Once we got to the park we bought a year round state park pass and some items for our camping expedition like fire wood, ice and some really neat packs which you could throw in your fire to change the color of the flames. We camped in the rustic area where there was no electricity and the toilets were rested in a shack with a hole in the ground. (P.U.) You may have to fight the flies when you go in though so a can of raid might be useful. Water was available from a well which you had to hand pump from a nearby faucet. It really gives you a sense of how things must have been in the old days.

There are lots of things to enjoy there like swimming, long trails, and lots of wildlife to see. The deer in the park are use to seeing people and roam all over. We saw them several times and one night there was a group of five within 150ft. of our tent.

We would like to get out and do more camping yet this year. The girls had a good time and it was nice having them connect with nature instead of tying themselves to the TV all the time. Tammy and I had fun teasing the girls about Big foot and telling them we were going to give them some bread and leave them in the woods if they didn't behave. Of course that back fired when Kenzie said " Hey how did you know about Hansel and Gretel." We had to laugh and when we told the girls it was time to leave the park she yelled to Macayla, "Come on Hansel, its time to go."Yes people were looking at us chuckling. All and all I think we had a good time.

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