Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For the Love of a Mother

It doesn't seem that long ago, the memories are so clear.
Sitting on your lap, and you holding me so dear.
Raising me was not easy, at times I got into trouble.
Even more I know I would sometimes burst your bubble.

But as I grew, so did my heart.
You gave me a new life, a new role, a completely different part.
When I was needed, I came forward for brothers one and two.
It hurts me knowing, I'm helpless in saving you.

So much sorrow for you, so much pain.
It's time to part the clouds, it's time to stop the rain.
When that day comes and it's your time to leave,
you will be met by our dearly departed Steve.

He will take you by the hand and tell you everything is alright.
A new journey will begin through heavens eternal light.
From then on I may not see you but I know you will be there.
Spreading love, joy and showing us, just how much you care.

Each night I will say a prayer for you and end it with amen.
Because someday I know we'll be together again.
To all family, friends and the hearts of each brother
I want to say how proud I am, She is my Mother.

Michael J. Marti

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~Tonya said...

Mike, I am so very sorry for your great loss. No words can take away your pain, but knowing that your Mom is no longer sufferning, must be of some comfort.

Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

You wrote a beautiful poem and I am sure that your Mom is smiling down upon you.

Take Care Mike.
Prayers & Blessings to you,