Friday, June 19, 2009


According to Webster's dictionary the term copy-cat means: one who imitates or adopts the behavior or practices of another. I'm sure many of you have been frustrated by an individual who feels the need to dwell in your shadow to copy or create something which is very similar to your work or ideas. Its true that all of us become inspired by something we have seen which helps our own imaginations and creativity. For that, there is nothing wrong. It shows how talented we are. However when you work hard to accomplish something only to have people basically steal your thunder and pretend they are the originators of the work seen by others can be very intimidating. I say it only shows that there are people out there who are basically riding through life, feeding off their predecessors to accomplish goals they could never achieve on their own. In one way you can feel good about it to an extent. It only means that these type of people are jealous and envious of those who actually have the creative flair to succeed. I mean I'm not just talking about a photo or even a product on the market. It could be something as simple as running an ad in the paper or quoting a logo a business may use. What ever the case I just wanted to let all the people out there who feel as I do, that it will never stop me from using my imagination to create works of art which I know was not produced by another. Besides could you ever really be happy knowing your success was attributed from another.

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