Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mckenzie's busy week

On Friday of last week, my youngest daughter Mckenzie graduated from pre-school. Moments after receiving her diploma she said, "Now I can go to kindergarten tomorrow." She was upset to find she has to wait til fall to begin.
The following day was a gathering called Take a kid fishing day, held each year in Albert Lea. The weather was not so cooperative but I took both my girls there anyway since neither one had every fished before. They gave out free fishing poles, tackle and bait to all the kids that showed for the event. Also they would give out lots of free prizes. Mckenzie won a teddy bear and Macayla scrambled to gather as much free tackle as she could carry. Mckenzie caught her first fish and you can see by her photo that she was happy yet a little afraid by the fish flopping all over the place. The weather turned nasty shortly after and the event was rained out, but I promised the girls I would take them out again this summer.

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